The 4th of July, and a Sinful Generation!

Hello all!

This last week was pretty incredible! Donna got baptized! It was amazing. We were filling up the font to get ready for her baptism. Everything was in order! The font takes about 1 hour to fill up. After church I went up to Bishop Smith, and I said “What time did you start filling up the font? Do you think it is done by now?”. He started to nervously laugh and kind of freak out! I just started laughing. Ahh it was too funny. At the baptism we had the members speaking, and a member baptize her. I did get the chance to bear my testimony though! I was speaking, and just started crying. I was so happy. Just looking at Donna and how different her life is going to be now. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room afterwards. We were all just so happy. The spirit was very strong! It was an incredible experience.
Donna and all missionaries 2013

Donna and all missionaries 2013

Donna with Elder Lee and Finlinson 2013

Donna with Elder Lee and Finlinson 2013

Donna's baptism 2013

Donna’s baptism 2013

That was the highlight of my week for sure! Last Monday we started to teach a less active family. He likes to work out, so we go over there to work out with him and share a lesson! He was the one with the tithing experience. Super cool couple. I love them. Needless to say, I was sore for a couple of days after being over there.
The 4th of July was awesome! We got the chance to play in two softball games! One with missionaries, and one with the Terryville ward! It was fun to be able to play. I will join an adult league one day! I love it. That consisted of most of our day. Unfortunately we did not see any fireworks. We were in by 9:00. Just when the “rough crowd” was starting to make their appearance. In fact… We went to 7/11 on the way home! Of course we got our party drink of choice for the occasion! Slurpees.
That was about it for the night… We just witnessed so many people drinking, doing drugs, the whole 9 yards. Claiming to be having the time of their lives. I felt sad for them! They can’t find happiness. I try to talk to them, but they wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Ahhh.. The sins of the world make me sad.
Just a little fact for you.. In Suffolk county there was 197 DUI’s in one night. In Nassau county they had 220. In one night. We truly live in a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. All the more reason to be the “light in the darkness”.
Elder Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it !!
P.S. My new companion is awesome. I call him cowboy. Ha!

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