Only in NEW YORK!!!

Elder Finlinson is my new comp!! He is from Foll Creek, Utah!! Totally has a southernish accent. Its pretty funny. He grew up on a farm, and needless to say… isn’t a huge fan of New York. We get along just fine though!! We also finally have a 4 man pad. The zone leaders live with us now. Our whole zone got split up, and things are just crazy right now. It’s nice to see a little change every once in a while though!
First of all, there is this less active guy in our ward, don’t act too surprised because there are hundreds of them… but! Tingey and I visited him a few times just to drop by and check up on him, and he would always tell us that he was Jewish and not interested. Out of nowhere he called Bishop Smith to have all of us come over. He had a few concerns, and questions, but we addressed them all. He expressed a desire to come back, go to the temple, and get the Melchizedek Priesthood!! Wow. Obviously it was nothing that we did but it is still cool to be a part of. The Lord really does soften hearts.
The Reese family is another less active family we are working with! The wife is super solid, but the husband struggles a little. They have their own problems that they are dealing with. We taught them about tithing and the importance of it, and the next Sunday he showed up with his tithing money! He paid it in full. Not even 1 hour later he got a phone call to return to work for a day! Dock builders get a lot of money for just one day. It was a huge blessing for them, and it all came because he paid his tithing! We were all jumping up and down freaking out when it happened. It was fun.
Mike and Donna have been working really hard and are planning on getting baptized this Sunday!! They just need 2 more lessons, and an interview. They are very excited. She was in the hospital for muscle spasms on Friday, and was in severe pain. I told her she didn’t have to come to church if she wasn’t physically able to. She told us that she had to come. She knows how important it is. She hobbled her way to classes, and sat through the pain. What a champ!!
We had an interesting Saturday…. We set up a table to do a street sweep and this kid came over. Of course he looked like a gangster because everyone out here does. I started talking to him and then the police came over… They told us we didn’t have a permit to have a table up? So the table was literally only up for about 30 seconds. That’s all it took though! That led to a 45 min. discussion with this kid. The conversation eventually led to how rough the area where he lives is. He told us that he gets jumped all the time, and has to defend himself. Being the naive missionary I am, I asked “How do you do that?”. He proceeded to show me all of his MMA defensive moves. And I mean all of them. Right in the middle of a park. He was throwing me on my back, taking me down, and even throwing me over his shoulders. I think Sis Millett even got some pictures of it from a distance. The whole time I couldn’t help but think “only in New York”… It was a sight to see.
Sean_Park2 Sean_Park1
Then as we were going home we had to stop in a parking lot to give the sisters some things. As we do this a guy sitting on top of a moving car drives by. I didn’t think too much of it until I saw that he was steering his car. With his feet. Through the sun roof. Someone else was doing the pedals, and he was literally driving. Then he went out on a main busy street like this!!!! Not even 1 minute later a cop came whizzing by. Again… Only in New York.
Last night was the end of the month. We were about 5 miles away from home, and had 1597.3 miles on our car. Since we are trying to be exactly obedient we had to pull over and have the zone leaders come and pick us up! All I am going to say is thank goodness for July!!
It is weird that I am going to be 19 this transfer… I still feel like just a wee babe. Oh how time flies… Kind of. Ha!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it.
P.S. Humidity is the worst.

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