Family, Isn’t It About Time?

Not very many things happened this week. We are still walking everywhere because we are running super low on miles. When we have to walk we only walk like 6-7 miles a day though. Not too bad. The only bad part is the humidity. It is starting to get really, really bad. That should make for a fun summer…. luckily I will still have a car!

Speaking of which… I am not getting transferred! I will still be in Terryville for at least 6 more weeks. My new companion will be the District Leader. I will meet him tomorrow. Should be fun.

Wanna know the worst thing in the world? When we have a full day planned out, and then everybody calls and cancels. All 3 appointments canceled… We ended up walking a lot that day. Ahhh…

We are trying to be more creative in our finding activities. If anyone has ANY ideas to meet new people, please tell me. Knocking doors is just not effective.. or fun. So we go up to the Port Jeff Ferry at nights! We set up a table with some stuff on it, and just talk to people. It gets pretty busy up there at night. One day when we were first setting stuff up, a little kid came up to me. He just stared at me. So I was nice to him, offered him a Book of Mormon, and he took it! He ran away with it. I watched him and he gave it to his dad! That was pretty cool.

That same night I saw this Chinese guy taking pictures of the sunset. His name was Enoch (pronounced E-knock) So I just started talking to him about photography and what not! Of course the conversation led to religion. He wasn’t a religious person, but he was “A Follower of Christ”. He didn’t believe in religion at all. We still had a good nice conversation. For once, there was no yelling or anything involved as we both explained our beliefs to each other. I was shocked that we weren’t arguing! Finally a new type of New Yorker! Wrong. Turns out he was from California… ha! Before he left he asked me if he could pray for me! He put his hand on my shoulder, took my right hand and prayed for me. Right in the middle of everyone. It was a dang cool experience.

Remember that whole experience that I will tell you about AFTER my mission? Well it is getting more complicated… But on the bright side I met our Area Authority! Elder Olsen came to the Terryville ward. That is a story by itself though…

I have been thinking this week. I know. Shocker. But with it being fathers day I got to thinking. I really wish I would have spent more time with the family before I left. Yes. I know mom. You were right. I get it. Sheesh. Anyways! I really wish I could just hang out with you guys right now and play a board game… Or something that seems lame! I just want to spend time with you guys. Which made me realize how important the family unit is!! My advice to everyone is to go spend time with your family. Order a pizza, watch a movie, etc. Who cares! Just spend some time together. Therein lies happiness. So my message to my family? Keep your “planners” open in February of 2015! Its gonna be a party. Until then, I have work to do. And lots of it. I love you all.

Stay the course!!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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