Temples, Fathers and some lessons learned….

So much has happened this week. This should be a lengthy email… bear with me!

Last P-day we met up with our whole zone for an activity! We played kickball at the Riverhead church. It started pouring rain, but we still played anyways! We were all soaked, but had a good time. I love all the missionaries out here.

President Calderwood is starting to enforce yet another rule! Which only means more blessings to follow. We have a real, set, mileage restriction now. It didn’t really matter before I guess, but it does now! We are only allowed 1600 miles a month. Which is going to be very difficult on the island out here. We have started walking places now. We were already at 800 miles on the 10th, so we have cut way down! It only takes 1 and a half hours to walk to the church at least! So thats not too bad. Its 5 miles away.

I had the chance to go to the temple again!! We were on an exchange, and went with the spanish branch. I had to wake up at 4:21 that morning though… I was so tired. It was amazing because I still had the energy to work hard the rest of the day even though I barely slept. Blessings are real!! I also made it a goal to visit tons of temples after my mission! I love going to the temple.

I met the “Mormon Weird Al”! He is originally from the Terryville ward. He has three cd’s that he gave me of his songs. They are all parodies of popular songs! He sings about missionary work, and mormon stuff. Super awesome. I am going to try and email some songs home for Tam to put on my blog? You might be able to look him up somewhere, the real group is called “They Might Be Elders”. That made my day! His name is Steve Nunez actually. He lived in Orem! Glen Mella was his bishop when he was down there. He lived at Wolverine Crossing. There was also another family that moved into the ward! The “Elldriges” or something? She said I looked familiar. And said she might know Kristi from Orem Jr? I don’t remember her maiden name. Small world though eh?

I have been learning A LOT lately. Mainly by experience… haha. We had two investigators who were supposed to be baptized by now! Guess what? No baptisms. The sisters investigator couldn’t get baptized… That is one of those things I will just have to tell you about AFTER the mission… Yeah. But Mike couldn’t get baptized yet, we are still working with him. Hopefully that will happen soon. Remember how I was heavy on the whole “The mission isn’t all about baptizing” thing? Yeah well I felt like a failure for not baptizing as much as I expected. I really did learn my lesson this time!! This mission is going to continue to be hard for me. Its to prepare me for my future. To be a better leader in the church. Whether that be in an actual position of leadership, or just a leader by example. It is preparing me to become a better father. This mission is changing me. Even if I didn’t baptize anyone, I am satisfied knowing that this mission is to change me so that I can help other people for the rest of my life. Pretty cool stuff.

Speaking of fathers! I have also learned a lot from bad examples of fathers. I don’t want to get into the details, but I have seen some really ugly stuff. For instance the NYPD came to our pad this last week for our neighbors, etc. I don’t ever want to be anything like that. I want to be the best dad ever. I am glad I had such a good example to me my whole life. My dad is awesome. Even if he has a dry sense of humor…  Not only has my dad been an amazing example, I am grateful to know that I have a Father In Heaven! Fatherhood is done right when a father mirrors his Heavenly Father to his children. Something to remember. Shout out to all you dad’s out there! Especially mine.

Elder Lee

Come what may, and LOVE it.

P.S. Go to the temple once a month. Seriously. Do it.


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