Spiders, Tropical Storms, and a Jewish Prophecy.

First of all. The mission is a roller coaster of emotion. One day is super easy, lovin life… the next… well you know!  Can’t really get into too many details. But! I am still trying to handle things the best that I can.

So I never told you this but the past few weeks I have been in a battle. Seriously. One day I woke up, got in the shower, and there he was…. Just staring at me. The infamous spider. I may have freaked out inside a little bit. I tried to kill him, and he fought back. Managed to escape. I had no idea where he went. Fast forward a few days. I saw him again!! The nerve of that guy…. Sheesh. Of course he slipped his way out of death yet again… Fast forward to 3 days ago!! I saw him. Snuck up on him, and sadly… had to end his life. He had to go! There was no other choice. I am just hoping this has been the same spider the whole time, or we have an infestation on our hands…

Last friday we got hit with a tropical storm! It poured allllll day long. It came up from Florida I guess? It seriously didn’t stop raining all day. Everyone wanted to call it a day… but not on the Lord’s watch!! I made sure to motivate everyone to keep going. We were soaked to the bone. That is when we had an interesting experience. Sooner or later I knew this was going to happen… I am getting ahead of myself. We were looking up less active members. We found this guy who was in his garage… He invited us in! That was new. Showed us his house and such! Nice place. Then it happened. His gay partner came out and they got in a little… quarrel you could say. Eventually they told us to leave, and we just laughed the whole time. Crazy world. Nothing against gay people, just a funny situation.

One of the highlights has to be Sharon. She also was nice to us, and likes to talk. A lot. She is Jewish, and told us some interesting things! She told us of an instance she had with some guy… He walked up to her and started writing notes to her. Calling her by name. And then he prophesied some disasters to happen in the future. She claims that almost all of them have happened so far! She then told us about New York. I guess something is going to happen in New York next year? She was told to leave immediately when she sees all of the birds flying into the high rises….. So when you hear about that on the news let me know? Because I will be oblivious to it all!!! Yayy!! She also claimed to be able to for-see people’s deaths… As we were leaving to drive away she said “Drive safe!” we said thanks, and she said… “No really… drive safe. You can’t control what other people do”…. Uhh…

Oh gotta love New York! There isn’t anything like it!! Transfers are in 2 weeks. Elder Tingey will  be leaving for Bermuda! And who knows what will happen with me… I will let you know as soon as I do! I have been with Elder Tingey for almost 4 and a half months. That is a long time, in case you were wondering. Love him though! It will be sad to see him go.

Love you all!! Go jump in a pool for me.

Elder Sean Lee
Come what may and Love it!

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