Keep On Truckin!

Mission life is a roller coaster… Who woulda thought? Anyways things are great out here. This week has been very productive! Mike has committed to baptism on June 16th! Fathers day!! We are pumped for him. He is solid.

 A less active member called us because she needed help. We went over to help her, and she needed her lawn mowed. She only had a push mower from the prehistoric era. Cast iron and all. Rotating blades of deathly metal. It took forever. Oh and it was in the 90’s with 94% humidity. Miserable. And that is just the beginning of what is going to be a long, sweaty, lovely summer! I am excited….
So we finally helped “K” finish moving. He literally threw everything he owned into a box and was just trying to wheel the box over to his new place. Naturally the box broke as we were trying to shimmy it down the stairs. His natural reaction was to grab one of his dirty sheets, throw everything in there, tie it up, and let us carry it. I don’t wanna go into detail, but lets just say touching that sheet was not a very pleasant experience. Oh and his TV’s smelled like fritos for some reason… But we got that all taken care of!
We had the chance to play kickball with an investigator family and the Sisters! Of course the boy team won… (the two twins actually kinda cheated, but oh well!). At church we had 8 investigators!! 8!!! That is insane for us out here. 4 of them were new!! Holy cow, the work is progressing and I love it! Keep praying for us out here. We need it.
Something else really cool happened. We had a less active member finally come back to church with his daughter. She is mentally disabled, with a really good heart. And he has a very hard time with smoking. He is also not all there, but they are great people. He smokes so dang much. You wouldn’t believe it. We had a great Word of Wisdom lesson with them, and the Bishop. I promised him some cool things in the name of Jesus Christ, and have been trying to help him ever since! He calls usually twice a day, and we will say a prayer with him or just talk to him! He told me that anytime he thought about smoking he could hear me saying “Don’t do it!” “Don’t give in”!!! That is awesome. With the Lord’s help, we are changing lives out here!!!!!! I wish I had more time, but of course… Duty Calls!! Love you all. Things may be hard, but keep on truckin and things will be alright. Promise.
Elder Lee
Come what may, and love it

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