Miracles Never Cease!!!

There is so much to tell you!! This week has been amazing. I hope I have enough time to get it all in… We can start with Mike. This guy is solid. We found him up at the docks, and he came to church the next day! We taught him twice this past week, and he just gets it. He understands everything, and has a desire to change! He loves being a part of the ward family. We are teaching him again this week, and he will be baptized this transfer! Miracle.

We went up to the docks again, and met Matthew!!  He is a 20 year old kid who walked away from his old life. His parents were very wealthy, and pretty much would give him whatever he wanted. He decided to leave upstate New York and find out what life has in store for him. Figure things out on his own. He is super humble, and has been gone for two years! He hasn’t called his parents for money a single time! He said, “I feel like my spiritual journey is coming to an end, and I will find the answers I am looking for soon”. Miracle.
One of the members needed help moving across her courtyard to another apartment, so of course we went to help her! She has a son who she lives with, and he is… a G. Straight up. That is the only way to put it. He is awesome. They live in a sketchy place though, with lots of “thugs” you might say. So when we were cruisin places with “K”, her son, everyone gave us the gangsta greetings. It was pretty sweet! Two white boys from Utah chillin in the hood? Miracle. 🙂
Helping Move
We had a Memorial Day picnic for the ward!! It turned out great. Mike, Matthew, and a lot of investigators came! 11 in total! We are so blessed. We ate good food, played games, and just had a great time. I love things out here so much. I am very excited for the future of this area. I am glad to be a part of it! I really hope I don’t get transferred just yet, but I will do whatever the Lord needs of me!
I have learned a very important lesson this week. I thought I knew this, but I didn’t really understand it. Funny how that works eh? When we obey, we get blessed. Period. The Lord is bound when you do what he says, but if we don’t obey…. No promises. We are “left to our own devices”. That is a scary thought to me. It makes me want to be obedient that much more!! Go read, and study,  Doctrine and Covenants 130: 20-21. That should shed some greater light on the subject. I love this Gospel. If anyone out there is doubting whether or not this gospel is true, you can trust me when I say that I know it is true. I promise!!!!!! Take this seriously, and the Lord will bless you. He has to, AND He wants to!!
With love, from NYC!!!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it!

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