So, things out here are just fantastic. Life is pretty normal, and our days are very repetitive. I will try to liven it up for you guys though! We did have a great time out in the Hamptons on Saturday!!!
This is the story. So the Cystic Fibrosis foundation was doing a walkathon! We helped set up, and hand out food and drinks. The whole time I was just trying to help everyone. Give them chairs, etc. I loved it. I worked by the food most of the day with “Grandma Jean” who was AWESOME. While we were setting up for lunch, I told her and this other lady why we come out here on missions. They started crying. Crying! They loved us. The spirit was pretty darn strong. Anyways we got lots of good contact information out of it. During this whole time there was a DJ playing of course… I am not going to lie, I loved hearing normal music. They did a huge dance at the end with all of the kids, and I ran out and started dancing with all of them. All the missionaries joined in, it was awesome!
great strides walkathon 2013
We have this thing in our mission called “Fearlessing” which just means going up to a random person and you start talking to them. We were doing that at the docks yesterday, and were getting ready to leave. We saw a couple making out on a bench, and jokingly they said “Go fearless them”. So I did. I walked up to them, and said, “I know that we can be together forever with the people we love. If you ever want to learn more, check out this website”. It was awesome. I loved it. Other than that, not much is happening in good ole NY!! 
Stay strong, stay true, and the Lord will take care of you!! (Literally just made it up, good eh? ha!)
Love you guys!!
Elder Lee
Come what may and Love it!

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