Definition of a Mission, with a side of “Far Rock Filth”!

Who would have thought you could learn so much in a short period of time? It amazes me. I have learned a lot this past week. And I am excited to tell you ALL about it. I will start off with some of our little adventures.

We are still teaching Rich! He is progressing towards baptism and we are pumped. He still wants more time, so we are trying to help him. I will keep you updated on how that goes though! We also had President interviews. That was awesome. President Calderwood is the man. Honestly.

This week included a LOT of driving. Elder Tingey was still finishing up a lot of paperwork for Bermuda. Luckily he is done now, but we had to go into the city a lot this past week. We were driving into NYPD Headquarters again to pick up some papers, and we were almost here. We were literally 27 seconds away… and he missed the turn. No big deal right? We can just take the next exit? Wrong. We got put on the Brooklyn Bridge and drove allllll the way back to brooklyn. We finally got back through traffic, and tried again. He missed it again. That time we got put on the FDR highway. We finally made it to NYPD it just took a little longer than usual. It was pretty funny!

On saturday we went down to Far Rockaway! This is the place that was thrashed by Hurricane Sandy. Most of the clean up from the mission was done down there. They had some middle island things in the streets, pretty much just large medians. They were all covered in sand! We had to remove sand, place topsoil/compost, and spread seed. Elder Tingey and I offered to load up the truck and drop off compost to everyone. It was a TON of compost. These bags were pretty dang heavy. Probably close to 45 pounds. We did 5-6 truckloads throughout the day! It was hard work, hot, and I loved it. That is real service. I didn’t care about how sore I was, how tired I was, or anything else. All I could think of was the people down there. They would drive by and honk. Or clap for us. Just thank us. That was enough for me! After we were done, we were covered in compost. Which I am pretty sure is a fancy word for poop. I finally got me some Far Rock Filth! Needless to say, it was a tiring day. Right when we got in the car to drive back I was OUT. Almost immediately.

A mission is not 100% percent about baptizing people. Neither is “Member Missionary Work”. Its about helping everyone come unto Christ. Sometimes that will be through baptism. But what about members? What about those that want to die catholic, or hate mormons? You get down and dirty and help them out, smile, and love them up. Thats what missionary work is. I was so caught up with baptizing, and people thinking I was a failure if I didn’t baptize everyone. Don’t get me wrong… it is very important. Crucial to salvation even! BUT that isn’t everything a mission is. I love it. I love the people here, and if I can put a smile on their face from doing their yardwork then I have planted some good seeds for the future! My advice to missionaries (including member missionaries) is this: Develop REAL charity. If you can manage that, that is when life begins. I know that now. Plus you can have some fun while you are at it!

I have another story to share with you… but I will save it for next week! I am out of time. Consider this a cliff-hanger of sorts… Until next week…

Haha!! I love you all.

Elder Sean Lee

Come what may, and love it!


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