Miracles Never Cease!!!

There is so much to tell you!! This week has been amazing. I hope I have enough time to get it all in… We can start with Mike. This guy is solid. We found him up at the docks, and he came to church the next day! We taught him twice this past week, and he just gets it. He understands everything, and has a desire to change! He loves being a part of the ward family. We are teaching him again this week, and he will be baptized this transfer! Miracle.

We went up to the docks again, and met Matthew!! ¬†He is a 20 year old kid who walked away from his old life. His parents were very wealthy, and pretty much would give him whatever he wanted. He decided to leave upstate New York and find out what life has in store for him. Figure things out on his own. He is super humble, and has been gone for two years! He hasn’t called his parents for money a single time! He said, “I feel like my spiritual journey is coming to an end, and I will find the answers I am looking for soon”. Miracle.
One of the members needed help moving across her courtyard to another apartment, so of course we went to help her! She has a son who she lives with, and he is… a G. Straight up. That is the only way to put it. He is awesome. They live in a sketchy place though, with lots of “thugs” you might say. So when we were cruisin places with “K”, her son, everyone gave us the gangsta greetings. It was pretty sweet! Two white boys from Utah chillin in the hood? Miracle. ūüôā
Helping Move
We had a Memorial Day picnic for the ward!! It turned out great. Mike, Matthew, and a lot of investigators came! 11 in total! We are so blessed. We ate good food, played games, and just had a great time. I love things out here so much. I am very excited for the future of this area. I am glad to be a part of it! I really hope I don’t get transferred just yet, but I will do whatever the Lord needs of me!
I have learned a very important lesson this week. I thought I knew this, but I didn’t really understand it. Funny how that works eh? When we obey, we get blessed. Period. The Lord is bound when you do what he says, but if we don’t obey…. No promises. We are “left to our own devices”. That is a scary thought to me. It makes me want to be obedient that much more!! Go read, and study, ¬†Doctrine and Covenants 130: 20-21. That should shed some greater light on the subject. I love this Gospel. If anyone out there is doubting whether or not this gospel is true, you can trust me when I say that I know it is true. I promise!!!!!! Take this seriously, and the Lord will bless you. He has to, AND He wants to!!
With love, from NYC!!!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it!


So, things out here are just fantastic. Life is pretty normal, and our days are very repetitive. I will try to liven it up for you guys though! We did have a great time out in the Hamptons on Saturday!!!
This is the story. So the Cystic Fibrosis foundation was doing a walkathon! We helped set up, and hand out food and drinks. The whole time I was just trying to help everyone. Give them chairs, etc. I loved it. I worked by the food most of the day with “Grandma Jean” who was AWESOME. While we were setting up for lunch, I told her and this other lady why we come out here on missions. They started crying. Crying! They loved us. The spirit was pretty darn strong. Anyways we got lots of good contact information out of it. During this whole time there was a DJ playing of course… I am not going to lie, I loved hearing normal music. They did a huge dance at the end with all of the kids, and I ran out and started dancing with all of them. All the missionaries joined in, it was awesome!
great strides walkathon 2013
We have this thing in our mission called “Fearlessing” which just means going up to a random person and you start talking to them. We were doing that at the docks yesterday, and were getting ready to leave. We saw a couple making out on a bench, and jokingly they said “Go fearless them”. So I did. I walked up to them, and said, “I know that we can be together forever with the people we love. If you ever want to learn more, check out this website”. It was awesome. I loved it. Other than that, not much is happening in good ole NY!!¬†
Stay strong, stay true, and the Lord will take care of you!! (Literally just made it up, good eh? ha!)
Love you guys!!
Elder Lee
Come what may and Love it!

Moms Rock!

It was super good to see all of your beautiful faces yesterday! Skyping is cool. It was kind of like an out of body experience… I am finally on the other end of the skype camera. Weird eh? So I do believe I owe you a story? Lets see… Where did I leave off…?

Brother D. is awesome. He was the one with the fire problems in his backyard. Hahaha. I love that guy so much. He is older, and pretty much the coolest guy ever. Anyways. He was going into the hospital to determine whether he needed stints in his heart or not (he is diabetic). He asked us for a blessing. He asked me to give him the blessing! After I was done, he got up and shook Elder Tingey’s hand, looked at me, and just gave me a hug. I felt the spirit pretty strongly. It was right then that I realized how important it is to uplift EVERYONE around me in the mission. Not just non-members. The members are people too. They are going to go through trials. They are going to need me just as much sometimes. It was an eye opening experience for me.
Anyways, we were driving to the church one day, and we were getting on Nicholls road. Which is just a highway. 3 lanes merge into this highway, and a car was right next to us as we were getting on. Obviously one car had to speed up and cut the other one off… so Elder Tingey chose to be that car!! After we got on, this other car comes speeding past us. They rolled down their window and threw rocks at our car!! Rocks!!! Who the flip carries rocks with them in their car, just to throw them at other cars? Talk about road rage… sheesh… Yeah those are the people I am trying to baptize by the way. Welcome to New York!! Oh well, gotta love em!!!
I hope everyone appreciates mothers. I know I appreciate my Mom!! Mothers have a divine role in all of our lives. Whether they are our real Moms (which my Mom is the best, by the way) or a woman who takes care of us like a mother should. Lots of men like to make woman jokes, or poke fun at the sanctity of womanhood. I will admit, I may have participated in such nonsense before…. Ahh… Oops! Good thing we have repentance! Anyways. I have learned how much Heavenly Father values his daughters, especially mothers!! Moms are just simply the best. Take some time to tell your Mom how much you love her! Visit someone close to you without kids, and thank them for being a mother to you! It can change their day. This time of year can be HARD for people without children, so go help them out a little bit!! We did that this past weekend in the ward. The sisters and us got roses with a quote tied to them, and took them around to people who we felt needed it. We thanked them for being mothers to us missionaries since our Moms are so far away right now. Many of them cried, and I could tell it really helped them! Go do something nice for your Mom, and don’t forget how precious woman are in the site of Heavenly Father. It is something you do not wanna mess with. He loves them A LOT. Anyways…. Moral of the story? Moms ROCK.
Mucho love!!
Elder Sean Lee!!!
Come what may, and LOVE it! (and love your Moms)


Definition of a Mission, with a side of “Far Rock Filth”!

Who would have thought you could learn so much in a short period of time? It amazes me. I have learned a lot this past week. And I am excited to tell you ALL about it. I will start off with some of our little adventures.

We are still teaching Rich! He is progressing towards baptism and we are pumped. He still wants more time, so we are trying to help him. I will keep you updated on how that goes though! We also had President interviews. That was awesome. President Calderwood is the man. Honestly.

This week included a LOT of driving. Elder Tingey was still finishing up a lot of paperwork for Bermuda. Luckily he is done now, but we had to go into the city a lot this past week. We were driving into NYPD Headquarters again to pick up some papers, and we were almost here. We were literally 27 seconds away… and he missed the turn. No big deal right? We can just take the next exit? Wrong. We got put on the Brooklyn Bridge and drove allllll the way back to brooklyn. We finally got back through traffic, and tried again. He missed it again. That time we got put on the FDR highway. We finally made it to NYPD it just took a little longer than usual. It was pretty funny!

On saturday we went down to Far Rockaway! This is the place that was thrashed by Hurricane Sandy. Most of the clean up from the mission was done down there. They had some middle island things in the streets, pretty much just large medians. They were all covered in sand! We had to remove sand, place topsoil/compost, and spread seed. Elder Tingey and I offered to load up the truck and drop off compost to everyone. It was a TON of compost. These bags were pretty dang heavy. Probably close to 45 pounds. We did 5-6 truckloads throughout the day! It was hard work, hot, and I loved it. That is real service. I didn’t care about how sore I was, how tired I was, or anything else. All I could think of was the people down there. They would drive by and honk. Or clap for us. Just thank us. That was enough for me! After we were done, we were covered in compost. Which I am pretty sure is a fancy word for poop. I finally got me some Far Rock Filth! Needless to say, it was a tiring day. Right when we got in the car to drive back I was OUT. Almost immediately.

A mission is not 100% percent about baptizing people. Neither is “Member Missionary Work”. Its about helping everyone come unto Christ. Sometimes that will be through baptism. But what about members? What about those that want to die catholic, or hate mormons? You get down and dirty and help them out, smile, and love them up. Thats what missionary work is. I was so caught up with baptizing, and people thinking I was a failure if I didn’t baptize everyone. Don’t get me wrong… it is very important. Crucial to salvation even! BUT that isn’t everything a mission is. I love it. I love the people here, and if I can put a smile on their face from doing their yardwork then I have planted some good seeds for the future! My advice to missionaries (including member missionaries) is this: Develop REAL charity. If you can manage that, that is when life begins. I know that now. Plus you can have some fun while you are at it!

I have another story to share with you… but I will save it for next week! I am out of time. Consider this a cliff-hanger of sorts… Until next week…

Haha!! I love you all.

Elder Sean Lee

Come what may, and love it!