Montauk Point!

I will start off this wonderful email with a little story for you. I woke up really early this morning. Really early. Our zone all met up and drove to Montauk Point! That is the very tip of the Island. We all watched the sunrise, took pictures, climbed in things, etc! It was a blast. I am tired though. Oh well. I have some pictures that I will email home now, but most of them I have to get from the other missionaries, and will send those next week! It was sweet though. There is a lighthouse and everything.

As far as last week goes, it was BUSY! I loved it. Busy is always better than boring. We did some more service, as always. Part of it was cutting up bamboo for a less active member! We took some home, and are going to have to see what we can do about it. 🙂 You would be surprised at how much bamboo is out here. It is odd. Oh I gave Elder Tingey a hair-cut by the way. Turned out decent!

We are teaching Rich! We go over on mornings, because he is really busy. He has been coming to church and also really studying! It is so awesome to see him progress. He came to church for all three hours yesterday, and everything was going perfect. The talks were amazing. Sunday school was incredible. And then… Elders Quorum happened. The guy who taught is a little different. He started just reading a talk, and got off on lots of tangents. He told us about how “He takes meds because he hears voices” and things like that… It was very distracting. I just looked at Elder Tingey and started laughing in my head… That would happen. I could tell Rich was wanting to get out of there. He pretty much ran out after that. Ahhh oh well. The guy who taught really is pretty cool, I love him. Just different! We are going over to Rich’s this week to talk to him. I will let you know what he thought!

So Simoni is the one with the sick husband. We go over there to help her a lot. She got a new tv she needed help setting up. The Samsung Smart Tv 3-D!! It was awesome. I couldn’t really watch tv or anything, but the setting were sweet. Voice commands, motion activation, etc. Technology these days… What is it going to be like in 2 years!?! I am expecting teleportation. I would settle for a lightsaber though.

The ward put on a youth fundraiser! It was a huge hit. They had dinner, and an auction. The ward members donated “goods” for it. Baked goods, services, tickets, etc. Some members spent a LOT on things. It was really fun to be there. Have I mentioned that I love this ward?

Yesterday we did a “Burgeroff” with our downstairs neighbors for dinner! I have been trying to immitate his burgers for a long time. I lost… He does have a ton of experience on me. I got pretty close. Moral of the story? I am going to have to cook everybody some mean burgers when I get home. We went to the Temple again! It was amazing!!! I finally got a decent picture in front of it.

That is about all for the week. I will leave you with a funny experience. We were helping a member with yardwork. Mainly leaves, bushes, twigs, etc. He is also a little different. We were piling everything up to throw away, and he started taking it all to put in his portable fire pit. He lit it all on fire… We were a little worried, because it was hanging over onto the grass and such. He assured us it was fine though. So we go back to work… I looked back 1 minute later and he was dumping lighter fluid everywhere. I wasn’t even surprised. Gotta love New York eh?

Love you all!!
Elder Sean Douglas Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it!!!!!

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