What A Week…

This week was insane! So much happened. First of all I am just going to say a few things before I really get into it. I am never going to leave my mission. Two years is a REALLY long time. Period. Sheesh I feel like I am never gonna leave, but that’s okay! It is a good thing I love my mission. Wanna hear some big news? President called this week… Guess who is going to Bermuda?!?!?!?……………….. Not me. Nice guess though! Its my trainer Elder Tingey!! He leaves on June 25th! Which means we will probably be together for another transfer after this one. We aren’t sure though. For the first year of his mission he will have had 3 companions… Crazy huh? President really wants missionaries to stay in their areas longer to build up the trust with the members. It has been pretty darn effective!!

Since he is going to Bermuda we got to go into Manhattan!! We had to go into NYPD headquarters. That place is huge. It was really cool though! He had to get a “Good Conduct Certificate”. We get to go back on May 2nd to pick it up. Can I just tell you that traffic out here is insane? I will never complain about traffic in Utah ever again. We went 2 miles in Manhattan in an hour and a half. Even when we are in our mission it is crazy. We were in the car for a total of 6 and a half hours that day! It was still sweet to see all of Manhattan and stuff.

IMG_0021 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036

We played handball last P-Day!! It is so big out here. Kinda like racquetball with one wall, and you use your hands. Youtube it! “Handball in New York” or something. I am sure that will bring it up. It is way fun though! We play that a lot. We were driving around with the Spanish elders listening to a talk, and guess who it was?! Brother Pinnegar! I said, “I know this guy! He is awesome! I love this guy”. They thought I was lying. It was pretty funny.

Miracles do happen by the way! Yesterday we were at church welcoming everyone. This guy walks up to me and says, “What does it take to become Mormon?”. I know… RIGHT?! It was sweet. I sat with him for church and taught him and his mom last night. He kept asking, “How long does it take for me to be Mormon?” or “Will this church help me change?” It was awesome! He has really good potential. I will let you know how it goes, we are going over later this week to teach him. He is awesome though.

One thing I have learned lately is that “Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles”. That applies to all aspects of life! Just cause you are following all of the rules doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! I am having the time of my life out here. If you mess up, repent and move on. The sun WILL come out tomorrow! 🙂 Things can always get better if you are obedient, and put forth an effort! I promise. I have seen that on my mission! Commandments don’t restrict us, they set us free. Don’t believe me? Study the scriptures and see for yourself!! As always, I love you all. Keep the faith, keep working hard, and remember to smile. 🙂


Elder Lee!

Come what may, and Love it!!


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