Service, Service, and… more SERVICE

This week was awesome. I love being out here. I honestly wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, especially at 6:30 every morning… Anyways! Life is good. We did a lot of service this past week. This lady needed help tearing apart her deck. No big deal right? Pretty fun. Worst part? She wouldn’t pay money to get a dumpster. So we had to bundle all of the wood. Oh and did I mention we can’t use any “heavy machinery”? Which means we had to break all of this wood down to 4 ft. This little project took us 3 days. A total of just over 8 hours! I got sunburned pretty bad… Don’t tell Kristi. Haha but it was awesome! She would feed us, and was pretty nice. We loved being able to help her out! We just had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We also are helping this lady named Tony with her backyard. We love service out here! This past week I had my exchange with Elder Smith! We had a blast. It was cool to talk about home, and MV and all that jazz. He is awesome. 

This week I have seen some pretty ugly things… I can’t go into too much detail, but essentially this father of a family cried in front of us. Like CRIED. Because his family always tells him that they hate him. Cuss him out, tell him he is worthless. We see broken families like that A LOT out here. It breaks my heart. When we teach them about “being with their families forever” they don’t want to be. They don’t like that idea. It scares them. We are trying to help him! We are going over to do service to help him out this week. This next week is FULL of service. 
On a brighter note! We taught the Plan of Salvation to the lady who has a terminally ill husband! That went realllllly good! She loved hearing about our message. We committed her to pray, and find out for herself if it is true. We are going back this week to teach her with the sisters again. That is what a mission is about! I love helping people understand that there is hope. There is more to life than death, and sorrow! Yay for the Atonement! Seriously. All of this is so awesome. 
Simoni and husband
So I taught a workshop at our ZTM! It was on obedience! I love teaching workshops. I feel like it went really well. We got to play volleyball on Friday with the members and some less actives! Then we played basketball on Saturday morning with members and less actives! I love sports. It is awesome. As always we had dinner at the ward mission leader’s home on Saturday.  I love them so much. They are like my parents out here. They are AWESOME!! I love them. And their kid is super cool too. 
So that is the week for ya! Good things are happening out here! We are being blessed with people to teach! So blessed…anyways!! I love everybody. Especially Koda. Go throw a ball to her for me.
Elder Sean Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it.

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