Happy Easter!


I hope I don’t offend mom when I say this, but yesterday was my favorite Easter that I have ever had. It was so amazing! I had studied all week to prepare for my talk, and it turned out great! I was blessed! Sister Allen went after me, and her talk was so spiritual. We both spoke on the Resurrection, and it meant a lot to her because she lost a baby a couple months ago. Her baby was 6 weeks old when it died. There was not a dry eye in the whole room after she was done talking. Incredible. Then after church we had a baptism!! I got the chance to baptize someone for the first time! That was amazing! Then we had dinner at the Duckworth’s! One of my favorite families in the whole ward. Two other young couples were there too. Everyone in the ward is awesome! Especially the young couples.

I am getting ahead of myself though… Saturday we had our Easter Celebration that we have been planning for! We had games, and Easter egg hunt, a special message, and lots of food! There was about 6-7 non-member families that showed up! 3 people signed up for us to come teach them! It was cool to see the Lord bless us after all of our hard work! Elder Tingey is going to be a District Leader!! Oh and by the way, I am not getting transferred! We are staying in Terryville for at least one more. We do get to go to transfer meetings now though, because he is a leader! That is awesome. We knocked a LOT of doors this week. Passing out flyers for the Easter party. So many doors. And I have come to know that there are a lot of people in New York that just don’t care about other people… It is hard when people yell at AND hate you. Ha… Oh well.
Here is one more quick story for ya! So as you know, I don’t drink soda. We went to visit a member family. They are a Spanish family. Anytime you visit Spanish people, they feed you and give you drinks, etc. If you don’t accept or even don’t finish everything they give you then they will get SUPER offended. Enough to not invite you back sometimes. So they bring in some peruvian food, and… INCA COLA! Which is soda by the way. I had a serious debate in my head. I really didn’t want to drink it, but couldn’t be rude. I started fake sipping it as we were talking. Elder Tingey loves that stuff and downed his… When the family wasn’t looking we swapped cans. Pretty smooth right? Wrong. My can wasn’t open yet. He went to open it, and the only way for me to cover the noise was to cough.. Really loud. They thought I was choking and rushed over to help me! They didn’t notice a thing. Except we both started laughing super hard, and just made it look like coughing. It was pretty dang funny. Moral of the story? I am still soda free!!! Yay!! Oh and you can add legit Peruvian food to the list of authentic foods that I have eaten.

I also figured out what to tell all new missionaries that want advice. Know how people have comfort zones? You don’t anymore. As a missionary you no longer have one of those! Work on that! That will help you SO much when you get out on your mission! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and could remember what it was all about. I know that the Savior lives today. He was resurrected. And because of that, we all will live forever! No matter what. We just have to decide now, by our actions/decisions where we want to spend eternity. I love all of you, so lets all work hard to be happy for eternity? Sweet. Sounds like a deal to me. I will leave you with the last words from my talk. He lives, all glory to His name. He lives, my Savior still the same. Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives.

Elder Lee

Come what may, and love it!


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