Montauk Point!

I will start off this wonderful email with a little story for you. I woke up really early this morning. Really early. Our zone all met up and drove to Montauk Point! That is the very tip of the Island. We all watched the sunrise, took pictures, climbed in things, etc! It was a blast. I am tired though. Oh well. I have some pictures that I will email home now, but most of them I have to get from the other missionaries, and will send those next week! It was sweet though. There is a lighthouse and everything.

As far as last week goes, it was BUSY! I loved it. Busy is always better than boring. We did some more service, as always. Part of it was cutting up bamboo for a less active member! We took some home, and are going to have to see what we can do about it. ūüôā You would be surprised at how much bamboo is out here. It is odd. Oh I gave Elder Tingey a hair-cut by the way. Turned out decent!

We are teaching Rich! We go over on mornings, because he is really busy. He has been coming to church and also really studying! It is so awesome to see him progress. He came to church for all three hours yesterday, and everything was going perfect. The talks were amazing. Sunday school was incredible. And then… Elders Quorum happened. The guy who taught is a little different. He started just reading a talk, and got off on lots of tangents. He told us about how “He takes meds because he hears voices” and things like that… It was very distracting. I just looked at Elder Tingey and started laughing in my head… That would happen. I could tell Rich was wanting to get out of there. He pretty much ran out after that. Ahhh oh well. The guy who taught really is pretty cool, I love him. Just different! We are going over to Rich’s this week to talk to him. I will let you know what he thought!

So Simoni is the one with the sick husband. We go over there to help her a lot. She got a new tv she needed help setting up. The Samsung Smart Tv 3-D!! It was awesome. I couldn’t really watch tv or anything, but the setting were sweet. Voice commands, motion activation, etc. Technology these days… What is it going to be like in 2 years!?! I am expecting teleportation. I would settle for a lightsaber though.

The ward put on a youth fundraiser! It was a huge hit. They had dinner, and an auction. The ward members donated “goods” for it. Baked goods, services, tickets, etc. Some members spent a LOT on things. It was really fun to be there. Have I mentioned that I love this ward?

Yesterday we did a “Burgeroff” with our downstairs neighbors for dinner! I have been trying to immitate his burgers for a long time. I lost… He does have a ton of experience on me. I got pretty close. Moral of the story? I am going to have to cook everybody some mean burgers when I get home. We went to the Temple again! It was amazing!!! I finally got a decent picture in front of it.

That is about all for the week. I will leave you with a funny experience. We were helping a member with yardwork. Mainly leaves, bushes, twigs, etc. He is also a little different. We were piling everything up to throw away, and he started taking it all to put in his portable fire pit. He lit it all on fire… We were a little worried, because it was hanging over onto the grass and such. He assured us it was fine though. So we go back to work… I looked back 1 minute later and he was dumping lighter fluid everywhere. I wasn’t even surprised. Gotta love New York eh?

Love you all!!
Elder Sean Douglas Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it!!!!!

What A Week…

This week was insane! So much happened. First of all I am just going to say a few things before I really get into it. I am never going to leave my mission. Two years is a REALLY long time. Period. Sheesh I feel like I am never gonna leave, but¬†that’s¬†okay! It is a good thing I love my mission. Wanna hear some big news? President called this week… Guess who is going to Bermuda?!?!?!?……………….. Not me. Nice guess though! Its my trainer Elder Tingey!! He leaves on June 25th! Which means we will probably be together for another transfer after this one. We aren’t sure though. For the first year of his mission he will have had 3 companions… Crazy huh? President really wants missionaries to stay in their areas longer to build up the trust with the members. It has been pretty darn effective!!

Since he is going to Bermuda we got to go into Manhattan!! We had to go into NYPD headquarters. That place is huge. It was really cool though! He had to get a “Good Conduct Certificate”. We get to go back on May 2nd to pick it up. Can I just tell you that traffic out here is insane? I will never complain about traffic in Utah ever again. We went 2 miles in Manhattan in an hour and a half. Even when we are in our mission it is crazy. We were in the car for a total of 6 and a half hours that day! It was still sweet to see all of Manhattan and stuff.

IMG_0021 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036

We played handball last P-Day!! It is so big out here. Kinda like racquetball with one wall, and you use your hands. Youtube it! “Handball in New York” or something. I am sure that will bring it up. It is way fun though! We play that a lot. We were driving around with the¬†Spanish¬†elders listening to a talk, and guess who it was?! Brother Pinnegar! I said, “I know this guy! He is awesome! I love this guy”. They thought I was lying. It was pretty funny.

Miracles do happen by the way! Yesterday we were at church welcoming everyone. This guy walks up to me and says, “What does it take to become Mormon?”. I know… RIGHT?! It was sweet. I sat with him for church and taught him and his mom last night. He kept asking, “How long does it take for me to be Mormon?” or “Will this church help me change?” It was awesome! He has really good potential. I will let you know how it goes, we are going over later this week to teach him. He is awesome though.

One thing I have learned lately is that “Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles”. That applies to all aspects of life! Just cause you are following all of the rules doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! I am having the time of my life out here. If you mess up, repent and move on. The sun WILL come out tomorrow! ūüôā Things can always get better if you are obedient, and put forth an effort! I promise. I have seen that on my mission! Commandments don’t restrict us, they set us free. Don’t believe me? Study the scriptures and see for yourself!! As always, I love you all. Keep the faith, keep working hard, and remember to smile. ūüôā


Elder Lee!

Come what may, and Love it!!

Service, Service, and… more SERVICE

This week was awesome. I love being out here. I honestly wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, especially at 6:30 every morning… Anyways! Life is good. We did a lot of service this past week. This lady needed help tearing apart her deck. No big deal right? Pretty fun. Worst part? She wouldn’t pay money to get a dumpster. So we had to bundle all of the wood. Oh and did I mention we can’t use any “heavy machinery”? Which means we had to break all of this wood down to 4 ft. This little project took us 3 days. A total of just over 8 hours! I got sunburned pretty bad… Don’t tell Kristi. Haha but it was awesome! She would feed us, and was pretty nice. We loved being able to help her out! We just had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We also are helping this lady named Tony with her backyard. We love service out here! This past week I had my exchange with Elder Smith! We had a blast. It was cool to talk about home, and MV and all that jazz. He is awesome.¬†

This week I have seen some pretty ugly things… I can’t go into too much detail, but essentially this father of a family cried in front of us. Like CRIED. Because his family always tells him that they hate him. Cuss him out, tell him he is worthless. We see broken families like that A LOT out here. It breaks my heart. When we teach them about “being with their families forever” they don’t want to be. They don’t like that idea. It scares them. We are trying to help him! We are going over to do service to help him out this week. This next week is FULL of service.¬†
On a brighter note! We taught the Plan of Salvation to the lady who has a terminally ill husband! That went realllllly good! She loved hearing about our message. We committed her to pray, and find out for herself if it is true. We are going back this week to teach her with the sisters again. That is what a mission is about! I love helping people understand that there is hope. There is more to life than death, and sorrow! Yay for the Atonement! Seriously. All of this is so awesome. 
Simoni and husband
So I taught a workshop at our ZTM! It was on obedience! I love teaching workshops. I feel like it went really well. We got to play volleyball on Friday with the members and some less actives! Then we played basketball on Saturday morning with members and less actives! I love sports. It is awesome. As always we had dinner at the¬†ward mission leader’s home¬†on Saturday. ¬†I love them so much. They are like my parents out here. They are AWESOME!! I love them. And their kid is super cool too.¬†
So that is the week for ya! Good things are happening out here! We are being blessed with people to teach! So blessed…anyways!! I love everybody. Especially Koda. Go throw a ball to her for me.
Elder Sean Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it.



First of all, I love you all. Second of all, this week has been crazy. Crazy good that is. We had transfer meeting, and lost Elder Henstrom as one of our zone leaders… But get this. Our new zone leader? The one and only Rick Smith! He is one of the twins that played B-ball with me and James FOREVER ago. He went to MV. Funny story, his twin brother is in Montana and is companions with Connor White right now! Anyways, I am going on an exchange with Elder Smith tonight because Elder Tingey is a District Leader and is going with Elder Cabeza. Small world eh? That should be awesome. Also at transfer meetings they made some changes! There is now a Sister companionship in Bermuda! So there are 1 set of elders, sisters, and a senior couple! A good district of 6 people. Also they are putting Sisters in “The Man Zone”. Which was an area in Brooklyn that is super sketchy. President said that since the Sisters are back in there it is “The new and improved Celestial Zone”. We got a good laugh at that.

After every transfer meeting there is always a “Leaders Meeting”. So therefore the comp’s of all the DL’s have an “Anti-Leaders Meeting”. A bunch of us got together and ate my Easter candy! Just talked and hung out. It was good to finally just sit down and talk for once. Jantzen was there too, so we got to hang out for a while! Its weird that I know so many people out here. Did I already tell you that 7 people currently serving out here went to Mountain View? Really small world. This past week we had the chance to do a lot of service! We helped this lady who really needed some help. Her husband is terminally ill. She hadn’t really left her house for 2 years except to go to the hospital with him. He can’t really communicate or anything, but she still goes. She is trying to get him back home to take care of him, and essentially let him die at home. Super sad…. We helped clean her house, do her dishes, move furniture, etc. She ordered pizza afterwards and I told her a little about the church. She told us she was scared she would never see us again… I assured her she would be seeing us again, and that she wouldn’t be able to get rid of us! She is golden, but we are probably going to pass her off to the Sisters… that is a different dramatic story though! Oh well. The mission isn’t about numbers, its about HELPING people in any way possible.
Also, I hope you all loved conference! I loved it. I learned so much. I particularly enjoyed Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk! He talked about “Centering our home on the Savior”! The home and our families are the best place to learn the gospel principles and grow! So naturally satan is going to attack that. And boy is he attacking it. I have seen some UGLY situations out here in New York, that blow me away. Don’t let those kinds of things happen to you! Ever! If we stay on the Lord’s side we will win. Every time. I dunno about you, but I sure love winning! Center your homes on the Savior and we will win. Every time!!!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

Happy Easter!


I hope I don’t offend mom when I say this, but yesterday was my favorite Easter that I have ever had. It was so amazing! I had studied all week to prepare for my talk, and it turned out great! I was blessed! Sister Allen went after me, and her talk was so spiritual. We both spoke on the Resurrection, and it meant a lot to her because she lost a baby a couple months ago. Her baby was 6 weeks old when it died. There was not a dry eye in the whole room after she was done talking. Incredible. Then after church we had a baptism!! I got the chance to baptize someone for the first time! That was amazing! Then we had dinner at the Duckworth’s! One of my favorite families in the whole ward. Two other young couples were there too. Everyone in the ward is awesome! Especially the young couples.

I am getting ahead of myself though… Saturday we had our Easter Celebration that we have been planning for! We had games, and Easter egg hunt, a special message, and lots of food! There was about 6-7 non-member families that showed up! 3 people signed up for us to come teach them! It was cool to see the Lord bless us after all of our hard work! Elder Tingey is going to be a District Leader!! Oh and by the way, I am not getting transferred! We are staying in Terryville for at least one more. We do get to go to transfer meetings now though, because he is a leader! That is awesome. We knocked a LOT of doors this week. Passing out flyers for the Easter party. So many doors. And I have come to know that there are a lot of people in New York that just don’t care about other people… It is hard when people yell at AND hate you. Ha… Oh well.
Here is one more quick story for ya! So as you know, I don’t drink soda. We went to visit a member family. They are a¬†Spanish¬†family. Anytime you visit¬†Spanish¬†people, they feed you and give you drinks, etc. If you don’t accept or even don’t finish everything they give you then they will get SUPER offended. Enough to not invite you back sometimes. So they bring in some peruvian food, and… INCA COLA! Which is soda by the way. I had a serious debate in my head. I really didn’t want to drink it, but couldn’t be rude. I started fake sipping it as we were talking. Elder Tingey loves that stuff and downed his… When the family wasn’t looking we swapped cans. Pretty smooth right? Wrong. My can wasn’t open yet. He went to open it, and the only way for me to cover the noise was to cough.. Really loud. They thought I was choking and rushed over to help me! They didn’t notice a thing. Except we both started laughing super hard, and just made it look like coughing. It was pretty dang funny. Moral of the story? I am still soda free!!! Yay!! Oh and you can add legit¬†Peruvian¬†food to the list of authentic foods that I have eaten.

I also figured out what to tell all new missionaries that want advice. Know how people have comfort zones? You don’t anymore. As a missionary you no longer have one of those! Work on that! That will help you SO much when you get out on your mission! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and could remember what it was all about. I know that the Savior lives today. He was resurrected. And because of that, we all will live forever! No matter what. We just have to decide now, by our actions/decisions where we want to spend eternity. I love all of you, so lets all work hard to be happy for eternity? Sweet. Sounds like a deal to me. I will leave you with the last words from my talk. He lives, all glory to His name. He lives, my Savior still the same. Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives.

Elder Lee

Come what may, and love it!