Attitude is Everything!

I met a guy from the suncrest stake that was visiting out here! He is actually in the 7th ward I believe? Small world. So we had a bunch of meetings this week. Our “trainer/trainee” meeting happened, and we had to drive all the way out to Rego Park. We went to Jamaica afterwards to get some pizza! Best pizza I have ever had in my life. Honestly. AND it was 1$ a slice. SO good. We walked up and down Jamaica Ave, and it was so cool. It was good to get to the city finally. So this one guy came up to us at a restaurant and asked if we were body guards… We of course started talking to him and got his phone number! We could never get his address, and thought he was just gonna ignore us. UNTIL we went to get our car washed. Guess who worked there? He came up and talked to us, and we set something up. We will see how that goes though. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

So I ate an interesting meal this week. The lady called it “Quickie Lasagna”. She cooked noodles, and put in ricotta cheese, organic tomatoe sauce, cubes of cheese, etc. The thing was that all the cheese and sauces were COLD! So I had to eat a HUGE bowl of cold pasta. I was sick that whole night. We also had Zone Conference this week! Holy cow… Talk about some spiritual edification! I learned soooo much. There is an elder here named “Elder Munday”. He is an AP, and from Orem! He is originally from England, and pretty much just flat out awesome. He gave a workshop on being bold, and took examples from Abinadi. I love Abinadi by the way. Then President came and spoke, and boy was that good. He taught about the plan of salvation, and some of the deeper meanings to it all. To sum it up.. It was awesome!

I am running out of time, so I will share with you a lesson that I have learned! I always heard that happiness was a choice. I guess I kinda figured it was true, but never really practiced it. I can truly testify of it now! Does life get hard sometimes? Do things seem unbearable? Sure they do!!! Does that mean that life is over, and there is no hope? Of course not! You can always choose to make your situation the best possible. Whatever it is. No matter what. No excuse. Through the Savior’s Atoning Sacrifice He went lower than anyone will ever go. He understands everybody, and all of their struggles. He is the only one that can honestly say “I understand what you are going through”. The best part about all of this? He doesn’t only want to understand, He wants to help! And He will! All that is required of us is to be obedient, and CHOOSE to have a good attitude. If you do that, I can promise that your situation will become a positive one. I know, because I have experienced it! I love the Savior. I don’t know where I would be without Him. This gospel is so dang awesome! Anyways, that is my religious rant for ya. I hope all is well in Zion (Orem, Utah)! Everyone out here thinks that Zion is in New York… I often times have to correct them.. They will learn eventually! Love you!

Elder Sean Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it!!


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