I’m Gonna Be a Lawyer?!


We went out to eat this week with a lady. She is less active,  loves missionaries, and also loves feeding us! So it is a great system. During our meal she looked at me and said “You need to be a lawyer”. I was shocked. She told me why and everything, but I just thought it was funny. I had never even considered that before! I don’t think that is in my future, but she is convinced that is what the future holds! We will see I guess! I have eaten A LOT of varieties of food out here. There are so many different cultures and stuff. I have eaten Italian  Brazilian  Spanish  etc! We are probably eating Jewish tonight. When I say that, I mean REAL authentic food from that country. For the most part, it is pretty good. A little different, but good!

OH and to answer your question, we usually teach every week. Whether its in young mens, elders quorum, etc! I love teaching. Especially about the Gospel. We had a really good lesson yesterday about our “Divine Potential”! We play basketball with the ward every Saturday morning! It is way fun. Lots of people usually show up to play. So I went on another exchange with my district leader!!! When we woke up, it had snowed! Which was awesome! We shoveled snow ALL day. A day full of service. I was dead tired afterwards… That was on Friday  and the next day I woke up and played basketball on Saturday. So I was exhausted all day on Saturday … and then something interesting happened. I was so excited for bed, and we had just finished planning! I was anticipating passing out on my bed, when the phone rang. The sister missionaries in our ward said “They had a really bad feeling that they shouldn’t get out of their car and go into their pad”. Of course we went over to check it out. I am not going to lie, it was pretty sketchy. I was armed with my umbrella ready to attack! We checked the apartment, and made sure it was safe. Then we rededicated their place (I did it and cast out demons… Pretty dang sweet) and left! I was so close to sleep, and so happy! UNTIL I learned that is was daylight savings time. Moral of the story? I am still tired. I am always tired, just more tired now. HA! It is awesome to hear about everyone going on missions!! I love seeing where people are gonna go. Well that is all for this week!! Love you all, mucho! (I have been brushing up on some Spanish)

Love, Elder Lee

Come what may, and LOVE it!!


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