P Day #2!

Elder Lee was able to participate in a Parade in New York, and THIS blog explains a bit more, and also has a video of it.


So I have some good news, and some bad news… and some worse news. Good news? Every single person I have asked to be baptized has either committed, or been baptized! Bad news? I have only asked two people. Worse news? The second person I asked was actually a less active member, who had already been baptized… #awkward. I thought he was a former investigator! Oh well. HA! So I went on an exchange with the zone leader this past week! We had a great time. It was right after our zone activity. We went laser tagging.  He rocks. We were all the way out in Hampton bays, so we saw Billy Joel’s, Reese Witherspoon’s, Jerry Seinfield’s beach houses! It was cool. They weren’t there of course, but it was still neat. We also had the BEST fish ever. I honestly can say it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. It was a member that cooked some fresh fish for us. So good.

I finally got to go tracting, and we knocked into a potential English house! It was cool! He is a Spanish missionary, so everything else that day was Spanish stuff… I went to a spanish wedding! Ate lots of good food, but had no idea what was going on… It was sweet though! Oh and for music, can you send me some Dallyn Vail B, Alex boye, vocal point, etc? Thanks. I don’t know how many people can say they have been in a parade in New York but I can!!! They asked the missionaries to wear the “helping hands” vest thing, and march in the parade. I didn’t do any of the service, but I got to be in a parade AND got a vest. So it was sweet for me. But it was really cool to see all of these people cheering us on. A lot of people were crying, and saluting us because of what the missionaries did. They actually liked the mormon’s for once! That was a cool thing to be apart of.We met this guy on the docks the other day named C. Just for the record, homeless people will talk to you for HOURS. He went off about who knows what… He was jammin on the guitar, so we went to talk to him, and he just talked for like and hour and a half. We finally started leaving and he followed us, still talking… hahaha! Cool guy, just lonely. It was sad. We tried to teach him, but he wouldn’t really let us talk. On a brighter note, I do a lot of cleaning. Dishes, sweeping, etc. I am okay with it (even if I am the only one to ever do it) because I will be doing that for the rest of my life anyways, so I can get used to it now! (I know dad is gonna say “why couldn’t he have started that earlier?!? And then laugh to himself…) Keep me updated on where people get there mission calls to! I wanna know about em!
So we taught in gospel principles yesterday, and I talked a little bit. When I taught, I basically just looked at this lady the whole time for some reason. She called me later that day, and was like “I know this is weird, but I love you already! Thank you for coming out here to serve a mission. You have enriched my life, and I hope someday my daughter can marry a man like you!” I was taken aback, but it was so cool! I realized that I can help the members of the church just as much as the ones not in the church! That phone call made my day! Oh and mom Can you send me some more of my ties? I want some more. And I also figured something out! A mission is more like serving for 3-4 years. Mainly because I was used to 8-10 hour days, not 16 hour days. Thats why it has felt like a year already. ha…. Everyone keeps telling me that it “goes by way fast, live it up now”… Well when does that kick in?! Haha just kidding… Kinda. I am making the best of what I got! Thats about all we can do, right? I love you all!!


Elder Lee

Come what may, and LOVE it!


One thought on “P Day #2!

  1. Aahhh what a great letter. I love his desire to hang in there until it gets better.

    Also, that lady is right to want her daughter to marry a man like him some day. 💗

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