First Letter From New York

          SO! This has probably been the longest week of my whole entire life. I feel like I have been out on my mission for at least 2 months, and it is yet to be 3 weeks…. Ahh. First of all, I have received NO mail. Not even from you mom. Not a single piece. That was lame. I am not supposed to give you the address of my place. Its way nice though. We have a workout room, study room, bedroom, and we have our own bathrooms. Oh and our own washer/dryer in the basement.  We just have the upstairs, and have some neighbors downstairs. Packages get picked up about 2 times a transfer by the zone leaders? Which is about every 3 weeks ish. I wouldn’t want to give you the address of my place, and then be transferred without you knowing. Then I wouldn’t get my mail… That’s why everything is supposed to go through the mission home, so when you send a letter from Utah it takes about 4 days to get to New York, and then when it gets to the Mission Office they have to process it and send it out which takes another 2-3 days. So if anyone writes me a letter, you can expect a reply letter about 2-3 weeks after you send me a letter. Make sense? Cool. I can only write letters on P-day though… so it makes it kinda hard. Oh and Make sure to put “Elder Sean Lee” on the letters! There are multiple Elder Lee’s apparently?

Anyways… I went to the Temple in Manhattan!! It turns out that we can go with the ward when they have a temple trip!! And luckily there temple trip was last Saturday! We only got to do confirmations, and baptisms, but it was still way cool! We played some handball in the church (they have a full gym on the 3rd floor). Pretty much I spend around 15-20$ on food a week. I have a bowl of cereal with a banana for breakfast. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. And we have about 3-4 dinner appointments per week. But when we don’t have those, I will eat another sandwich. Pretty freaking boring. I got some tortilla shells for this week, just to mix things up. We will see if I can handle that much excitement though. Every Saturday we have dinner at the ward mission leaders house! He is 56, and his wife is 28. He is double her age. They have two kids. A baby, and a toddler. It’s weird. Oh and the best part is the wife’s father lives with them. And he is like 58 ish? Really weird. We ate salmon patties, brussel sprouts, and some weird juice from real berries. They were all floating around in the pitcher. The meal was good though! We went over to home teach a member, and she made this NASTY soup. With every single disgusting vegetable you can imagine. I ate about half of it, and couldn’t do it. She was a “mini-hoarder” and her house was… interesting. I have only tracted 4 houses, and on the 4th house we got in! We taught this lady, and invited her to church but she didn’t show up 😦 There is always next week though!

Sorry I forgot about the first night I got here! We ate dinner at “The Brooklyner”. Tallest building in Brooklyn! It was sweet! Had a gorgeous view, but of course most of us left our cameras in the car. I will have to go back someday before I leave. President and Sister Calderwood are awesome though! So one of the recent converts lives in a halfway house. Essentially he is mentally handicapped. 36 years old! First time I taught him, it was pretty sketchy. Lots of crazy people in that house. Plus he is also very crazy. The guy that owns it looks exactly like Snoop Dogg. Freaked me out at first. OH before I forget, can you send me Courtney Wible’s address???? She sent me cookies in the MTC and I want to tell her thank you! I should probably tell you about my area… I live in “Terryville”. Way out east on the island. It is pretty much like orem/provo. We do have a car though! Everyone out here is from Utah, I swear! Mostly members. We always talk about high schools, or people from Orem at dinner appointments. I have to keep reminding myself I am in New York… The ward here is awesome though! Really good people! I am excited to work with them more! I have a bunch of pictures I will send home soon. (A bunch means like 10-15, don’t get too excited mom). I love you all! Keep emailing, and writing me!!

Love Elder Lee

Come what may, and LOVE it.


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