Last Letter From the MTC!

Elder Lee will be leaving the MTC this coming week, so if you would like to write him a letter, please send it to his New York Address. The address Can be found on the contact page of this blog.  Or you can write a letter on the write a letter page and it will get sent out to him.

Hey!! So first of all, you have asked a LOT of questions  but I will do my best to respond to them. Elder Burch is going to the same mission as me, and he is from Boise. Loves basketball, went to BYU-I, etc. Great guy. Sis Blosil is actually in my district! I see her every day, and she is a genius. Really. Great insights, very prepared to serve a mission. All around awesome. For some reason our district is split between New York, and Chicago missionaries. I actually know why now. Divine revelation for sure. I have been blessed enough to help out and talk to some of the missionaries going to Chicago. They have been having a rough time, and I hope I helped them out. Its hard because I know where they are coming from, and used to want to agree and cry with them, BUT they need someone to help them. So that’s what I was there for. Wasn’t really me, mainly the spirit, but still cool to be a part of it all! Basketball is great! We only get gym time a few times, since we are leaving so soon! Our last gym time was on Wednesday! Oh and I am not sick…?  Don’t worry mom!
OH and I got my hair cut today. It was done in like 10 min. Super fast, and I am lookin FRESH as eva! So I bet you anything that in a few years there will be separate MTC’s for sisters and elders. There are a LOT of very pretty sisters, and I can tell its a distraction for the Elders. Lots of “innocent” flirting going on… Our rule as a companionship is basically to never talk to girls, unless we knew them before the mission, or they are in our district. It is just too distracting! Too much to learn! I also would like to know how many prayers are said daily in the MTC… I say about 15-20 every day. At least! It is amazing to be around the spirit so much! I have never felt the spirit so often in my life. I love it! Oh and I found something out. My future wife BETTER know how to laugh, and joke around. Cause if Elder Burch and I didn’t laugh and joke around sometimes, we would go crazy. When times were tough, it made it way easier to get by when we were having a good laugh. I am doing great now though! No problems! I love it here! This is my life now, and I really do love it! Guess what? WE CAN’T CHEW GUM! There are a lot of rules here, and I am trying to follow them all. For instance, no hands in pockets, always button up your jacket, no chewing gum outside of your “residence”, etc, etc. It is annoying to follow them all, BUT obedience brings forth blessings! I can honestly testify of that! Know how I mentioned helping out the other missionaries? One of the first nights, a sister in my district was having a hard time. She asked me to give her a blessing and I did. I honestly couldn’t tell you the words I said, because it was the spirit, NOT ME, but it was amazing! I think it really helped! She cried afterwards, and seems to be doing better. I love helping people!
Jantzen and I will not be on the same plane to NY… No idea why! There are two planes going out that day. It was awesome to hear from Hunter though! I have never really met her, but have heard good things about her! I feel bad cause I couldn’t write her back today, but I will next P-day! SO I had the coolest experience ever. Well so far. We were doing our “TRC” volunteer, which is basically a volunteer who comes in and tells real life experiences to be taught by the missionaries. But before we went in to teach her, I thought it was just a “role play”. She started telling us her story, as we taught her, and started to cry. That is when I realized that it was real. Really real. And from there we went by the spirit. I knew exactly what to say because of the Spirit, and I was crying along with her! Hopefully it helped her. I wish I could see how she was doing. I put her name on the prayer role when we went to the temple. I finally can see that love that the Lord has for his children! I can feel it! It is crazy awesome to be a part of. On a lighter note, I found my ring! It was in my coat pocket… who knew?
OH and from here on out tell people to write me at my New York address… seeing as how I am gonna be there in a few days. Tell people to write me!! It makes all the difference to hear from people! Oh I will leave you with a funny thing I heard in a class. This french guy was telling us about when he first got into the field. He said “After the first 5 days, I got down on my knees and prayed. I told Heavenly Father that if the next two years were anything like the previous 5 days, to just shoot me in the face right now”. HA! We all laughed… and then realized how it wasn’t funny, because that is going to be us next week! I will be fine though! Everything is great! With faith in the Lord, anything is possible.
Love, Elder Lee!!
Come what may, and LOVE it!

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