First P-day!

HOLY COW. First of all, thank you for all of the packages. They rock. There is literally so much food we can’t eat it all. The fridge is awesome, and we love it. (tell sis whitehead thanks!) Elder Burch is my companion right now, and I couldn’t have gotten a better one. We make a GREAT team. We know how to focus at times, but also know how to have some fun. He rocks.
The MTC is crazy. Ever since I have walked  in the door, until now, I have been busy. Literally. For instance we usually have two classes a day (which last 3 hours each), and various workshops and such. LOTS of study time. Each meal lasts 30 min. So yesterday we had 1 and a half hours of eating, 6 hours of class, and the rest of it study time. Which for those that struggle with math means 8.5 hours. I have learned SO much. But we literally don’t have any down time. The only time that we have to really just sit down is from 9:30-10:15, which usually goes to journal writing and getting ready for bed. I do love it though! The food isn’t too great. Just average cafeteria food. I haven’t gotten sick yet though! We are doing laundry right now, and today we only got half a P-Day!
OH just for future reference to EVERYONE, I can’t write anyone back unless it is on P-day… Which is today (only for the next hour or so) and next Friday  So if you don’t hear from me, that’s why! I LOVE letters. Even if it is only a “dear elder”. They seriously make my day. Tell everyone to write me! I think that is one of the hardest things about this… not being able to contact people. I know I have my comp, but I still feel alone sometimes! Its hard. I can already tell that this is the hardest thing I will ever do
. I am not used to working 16 hour days, especially when I am only averaging 7 hours of sleep. I am tired. All the time. No matter what. Sometimes to the point of uncontrollable laughter… its okay though, its fun. OH and when people tell you that “The days are long, and weeks are short” or whatever… They are LYING. Everything is long. Every part of it. I honestly feel like I have been in here for 2 weeks, and technically its been about… .3 days? Wow. It is so weird to realize that if I sat down and studied preach my gospel, and the scriptures for the rest of my life, I could be busy forever. So much to learn. The first two days were rough. Its so hard. I can’t say that enough. AHH! I know what I am doing is right, and where I am supposed to be, so it makes it easier… but STILL. I can’t believe some people go on mission’s after being disowned from their families. I have so much respect for them. By the way we got our travel information. We have to report to the front desk here at 3:00 am on the 18th of February… Its gonna be a long day. We have a layover in Minneapolis, and then a connection to NEW YORK!! Yay! I am pumped. I am ready to leave the MTC, as much as I love it.
MOM! I love you! Thank you so much for everything… I know that you are crying while you read this, but just know that I am fine! I am so excited to HELP people. I love doing that. And this is the best way to do that! Make sure you get people to write me! Even if it is “dear elder”… It is so easy, yet means so much to a lonely missionary!! Overall I am getting used to everything and loving it. Although its HARD (yes I said it again) It is worth it!! The Lord will bless you for your obedience. I know that’s true. I have already seen that and its only been a few days. I hope everything is going well at home! I wish I had more time, but I only have half hour on the computer, and rules are rules!!! Oh and I want everyone to stop what they are doing, and enjoy life. (seriously, do it for me. I don’t have time to do it… Haha!) There is too little time to get caught up in the thick of things. Life really is a blessing if you make it one!

P.S. Sorry this is so jumbled, I just have very little time, and am trying to tell you everything!
P.S.S. My next P-day is on Friday! So that’s when you will hear from me next!!!

Love and miss you!

Sean Lee

Come what may, and LOVE it!!!


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